The Aggregated Hydrogen Freight Consortium (AHFC) is an industry led group which aims to solve the chicken-and-egg problem that hydrogen faces in the transport sector.

Air Products

Air Products provides hydrogen fuelling solutions for a variety of markets. Powered by more than 60 years of hydrogen experience and an extensive patent portfolio in hydrogen fuelling technology, the company has been involved in over 250 hydrogen fuelling projects in over 20 countries. Its hydrogen fuels buses, trucks, trains, and many other vehicles around the world.

Anglo American

Anglo American is an early supporter of developing the global hydrogen economy and its role in the decarbonisation of heavy-duty transport. The global mining company takes an active role in several industry-led platforms to facilitate the advancement of hydrogen solutions in key industry sectors, and has been a frontrunner in the development and operation of hydrogen-powered fuel cell mine haul trucks.

Element Energy

Element Energy is a dynamic zero carbon energy consultancy that specialises in the analysis of zero carbon technology options and developing projects using these technologies. Element Energy acts as the project coordinator for the AHFC project.


Hyundai is a pioneer in fuel cell technology, beginning R&D for fuel cell electric vehicles in 1998. Since launching the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell car in 2013, bringing the ix35 to market, the manufacturer has continued to develop their fuel cell offerings and improve the technology. Current Hyundai fuel cell models include the NEXO fuel cell passenger car and the XCIENT fuel cell truck.


Toyota has a proud history of disruptive and visionary thinking: pioneering the first ever mass-produced hybrid in 1997, and going further by introducing the futuristic hydrogen-powered Mirai in 2014. Since then, the Mirai has sold 10,000 units globally, and in 2019 Toyota launched the second generation Mirai concept which features a driving range extended by 30%, a more exciting drive and improved acceleration.


BOC, a Linde company, is leading the UK and Ireland’s drive to enable commercial and private hydrogen transport supported by a UK-wide refuelling network. Over the course of the last 25 years, BOC has invested in developing hydrogen as a fuel for transport and now provide innovative solutions covering everything from production, storage and distribution to dispenser manufacturing, fuelling station technology and infrastructure for fleet applications.