First of a kind: UK-manufactured hydrogen-fuelled HGV to take to UK roads

The UK Government has awarded £340,000 in funding to the AHFC for the deployment of a hydrogen fuel cell HGV in the UK. This project has the opportunity to let the UK pave the way for hydrogen-fuelled trucks: not only will this be one of the first hydrogen fuel cell HGVs to take to UK roads, it is also being manufactured by UK-based company Electra, the first UK OEM to bring this type of vehicle to market. The vehicle will operate as part of the Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Hub and is expected to take to the road at the start of 2022 for a 3 month trial period. The trial will be an opportunity to see a hydrogen vehicle in real-world operation: to learn about the feasibility of hydrogen refuelling and to allow drivers to test out the vehicle, to increase operators’ confidence in hydrogen as a fuel. By raising the profile of hydrogen and developing the business case for future investment, the project will help to accelerate the deployment of this technology.

Electra eCargo 19t truck in build.