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Aggregated Hydrogen
Freight Consortium
The UK Aggregated Hydrogen Freight Consortium (AHFC) is a partnership of leading UK hydrogen industry and mobility companies, working with large fleet operators and government to accelerate the commercial roll-out of fuel cell truck and van vehicles and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.
AHFC members are working together to support the introduction of hydrogen as a transport fuel for the difficult to decarbonise sectors of high-mileage and heavy-duty van and truck fleets.

The UK has set legally binding targets to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Trucks and high-mileage, heavy van fleets have proven to be difficult sectors to decarbonise. A combination of  demands including long operating windows and driving range requirements coupled with heavy payloads and additional energy requirements (e.g. for cooling and tool use) during operation limiting the efficacy of other zero emissions technologies. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can provide a zero-emission solution to this segment while maintaining comparable operational performance to conventional fuels and the AHFC is committed to developing the hydrogen freight vehicle market in the UK.

The AHFC intends to aggregate demand for hydrogen vehicles across several large fleets. This helps manufacturers to scale up production, standardise products and lower costs. By localising deployments of these vehicles we aim to reach scales of hydrogen demand which can allow for large, reliable and low-cost hydrogen stations to be built and with support from government in the early stages create a pathway for total cost of ownership competitiveness with equivalent diesel freight vehicles.

Our members

The UK Aggregated Hydrogen Freight Consortium Steering Group consists of the following companies

Air Products
Anglo American
Element Energy